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because the sequel is never as good as the original

Hello again, my friends! It’s been a while, eh? So many stories to tell – job stuff, summer adventures, school happenings, but today you get NOTHING because I’m still too busy. I’ll try to do better, but for now all you get is this…

Summer, 2004…

The Kenor Yakuza clan allied with a team of Japanese Imperial State black operatives in a daring plan to trigger an Imperial invasion of the Seattle Metroplex, but their plan was foiled by undercover NSA agent Jeremiah Maseru…

Or was it?

Ken T. is proud to announce…


Ken T.’s latest Shadowrun masterpiece is set two and a half years after the Gates Manor shootout, which ended the epic “Rise and Fall of the Kenor Clan” campaign. The new campaign will take place in the second edition era, but will use the third edition rule system. All PC’s will be GM-created characters suffering from the five point Amnesia flaw.

No prior Shadowrun experience is necessary; all we need is dedication and enthusiasm!

Contact GM Ken T. for info.

Drop in on some old friends. Make some new enemies.

Its time to tie up all the loose ends…
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